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Feeshy kwt1

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Rabi Gold Country Study Desk-Bookcase Study Set

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Product Advantage

Product description
Rabi Gold Country Study Desk Features:

Material Chipboard
Height 150 cm
Width 155 cm
Depth 40 cm
Color White
Number of Shelves 2
Shelf Size 31.8 cm
Width Between Shelf 31.8 cm
Model With Cover
Cover Model With Cover
Number of Covers 2 Covers
Drawer Model With Drawer
Number of Drawers 1

Item specifics

Rabi Gold Country Library Features:

Material Chipboard
Height 180 cm
Width 70 cm
Depth 33 cm
Color White
Number of Shelves 3
Shelf Size 66.8 cm
Width Between Shelf 66.8 cm
Model With Cover
Cover Model With Cover
Number of Covers 2 Covers

Delivery and Installation Information
• The product is shipped. Installation belongs to the customer.
• The package includes the installation diagram required for easy and fun installation, the material bag, warranty certificate and user manual compatible with the assembly scheme of all screws and accessories.
• You can easily install with simple hand tools.
• There are part numbers compatible with the installation diagram on the part for fast and error-free installation.
• When picking up the product from the cargo, the packages must be checked, the damaged package or the products must not be received and you must ask the cargo authority for assistance in preparing the damage assessment report. 


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